G-CHECKS methodology

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What is G-CHECKS?

G-CHECKS is an internally developed methodology by knowquestion that provides a robust, structured way to ensure that your change initiatives and projects:

  • are valid and viable
  • are linked to overarching corporate strategic outcomes, and
  • have clear, easily communicated reasoning and justification

One of the most powerful aspects of G-CHECKS is that you can identify planning gaps and address them in any order, at any stage in the project lifecycle.  For example, most traditional projects define success up-front in terms of goals, or deliverables.  However, during the project it may become clear that people aren’t aware, or can’t agree, on the project’s objectives – that is, the why to back up the what.

G-CHECKS can be used to retrospectively analyse and define the immediate objectives as well as placing the project into a broader strategic and personnel context.

The following presentation provides a more detailed overview of G-CHECKS:

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