Skills and capability development

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Agile teams

knowquestion can train your teams in the use of agile operational approaches, including the popular Scrum and Kanban methods. Benefits of agile teams can be substantial, including:

  • more responsive delivery to internal and external clients
  • less waste in planning
  • self-organising and self-optimising teams
  • higher levels of team trust and satisfaction

However, we do more than just teach from a training manual. Agile approaches require a team and organisational culture that embraces devolved accountability and trusts staff to execute on their tasks without micromanagement.

For all engagements, an assessment of your organisation’s strategy, goals, and culture is highly recommended to ensure that the adoption of agile team techniques will be successful.

Agile management

In the last 30 years, management thinking has shifted away from a traditional command-and-control approach to one that:

  • consults with and empowers staff
  • moves decision making closer to clients, and
  • encourages genuine input & creative thinking from the whole organisation

In large part, this is due to the recognition of complex systems; that is, systems that defy predictable cause and effect.  The limits of direct control over complex systems led to the “just-in-time” approaches first seen in the 1980s, evolving into the parallel disciplines of agile management and lean production.

While many of the principles of agile teams can also be applied to agile management, a specialised approach is required which recognises the longer-term planning needs associated with strategic management outcomes.

knowquestion provides capability development programs for your management staff to train them in the theory and application of agile management techniques. Benefits include:

  • greater focus and productivity
  • fewer conflicts over resourcing and funding
  • improved team satisfaction

Our preferred method of engagement sees teams apply agile management approaches to your organisation’s real practices and processes. The consultants of knowquestion will progressively become less involved as staff gain in confidence and skill, transitioning from a training role to a mentoring one over a period of several months.

Make change happen

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