Consulting services

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System improvements

We analyse personnel, culture, and technology choices within your systems to identify organisational problems and opportunities.

Grounded in a evidence-based approach to information and knowledge management, we can recommend strategies and techniques to:

  • build better platforms and infrastructure
  • find the right balance between repeatable processes and expert practices
  • empower staff innovation and problem-solving
  • implement sustainable changes to your culture

For organisations committed to large scale, sustainable systems changes, our knowledge capability benchmarking program (offered in partnership with alkAme) provides a comprehensive assessment process as well as recommendations for transformation.

Governance and architecture

We help you design and implement information and management structures that support your business processes. Benefits of improving your organisational governance and systems architecture include:

  • reduced risk and optimised decision outcomes
  • improved compliance with government requirements such as records retention and disposal
  • greater consensus on priorities and focus for decision-making
  • lower information search costs
  • better awareness of problems and active problem solving by staff
  • shorter times to meaningful communication

Strategic communications

Effective communications is the art of persuasion. Whether you need to engage external stakeholders to achieve your organisational goals, or to kickstart change within your own teams, we can design a plan to permanently alter your systems’ dynamics by:

  • defining and having the conversations that matter with the groups that affect your organisation’s success
  • maximising media coverage of your messages across the news cycle
  • leveraging social media to engage and listen to stakeholders
  • adopting tailored liaison approaches for executive and VIP stakeholders
  • organising events to seize opportunities for high-impact, high-interest discussions

Make change happen

Interested? Just tell us your name and contact details, and we’ll be in touch.

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